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Change the Game” is a grass root youth development program for teens and young youth between the ages of 16-19 years through soccer.

It is a youth development program through soccer that seeks to unearth raw talents and re-affirms our commitment and collective responsibilities to the development of youth into meaningful activities via this platform.

Change the Game is essentially about discovery and development of youths. The grassroots tournament is designed to discover budding soccer talents across the state, help them hone their soccer skills, place them in the line-light and facilitate their discovery and recruitment into top colleges and university in the United State.

Discovery unlocks a new world, and like we did this year in France for Rivers State contingent, the boys visited AS Monaco, OGC Nice, Antibes FC, AS Cannes FC, and had 3 week training sessions with these teams.


It is simple youth development program exclusive for Rivers indigenes we aim to connect, engage and promote talent of teens and youth into adults, on a distinctive platform which provides an opportunity to achieve a university education through soccer to make the youth of River State be useful to their family, community, the state and the nation at large through sport development. Also, to discover young talents and give them an opportunity to become successful in life, Feed that talent pipeline of professional soccer locally and internationally, To also help meet the aspirations of other participants and not only players but, parents, community, government, media and soccer and education stakeholders and a free University education in the United States.


We encourage both aspiring soccer players, soccer loving fans, the community, the government, the soccer academics and associations, school and most especially the parent to embrace youth development through grassroots soccer.

It is a call to action to participate and support change the game in our quest to develop the soccer passion point of the youth and at the same time a university education.

This year, our unrelenting efforts saw us deploying more resources, both financial and manpower, to pioneer and sustain what you may call the youth development revolution of the century through grassroots soccer.

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